LineArt Jewelry is a line of organically shaped designs personally hand-made by Lisa Ballard. Like nature, no two pieces are exactly alike. Using Aluminum , Lisa shapes each piece based on her own unique designs.

LineArt Necklace Fobs are sold as individual pieces. Because no two designs are alike, the image you see is the one you will receive. A Leather necklace with hand-made clasp and hook is included with each fob, but these fobs look great on any silver or beaded chain that you may already have.

S C A R F  C L I P S

Turn your scarf into a necklace with Scarf Clips, an original product idea that was inspired by vintage scarf clips from the 50’s. Simply expand the two rings so that you can put each end of your scarf through each ring (from back of the ring to the front). Pull the clip to your desired position on the scarf and press the clip together to hold it in place. Scarf clip are not meant to be used on bulky scarves. They work best on medium to lightweight materials.


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